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Monthly Archive: March 2011


Phlox Beta Day 1, Conclusion: Awesome

InWorldz Phlox Rox! Today we ran the first beta test for the phlox script engine. It started off a bit rocky with the server not being ready on time and finding the first few bugs right away. After we got that sorted out though, wow, what a difference. We had many different scripts running, loading, …

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Phlox – 40m maze generation

So I decided I wanted to see how quickly phlox could manage rezzing a 40 meter maze if I pulled the llRezObject delays. This is the result. The awesome thing is that with bytecode sharing each new script that is started for each maze wall is just another reference to the same bytecode and the …

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Imported scripts, no modification

The lauk’s Larrow running on Phlox This morning I worked out a few of the last bugs in the script engine that I’m finishing up before we run the beta test. I imported the sparrow I created in another place and left the scripts and objects exactly how they were. No script modifications were required …

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Introducing InWorldz Phlox

Phlox Logo

Over the course of the last 3 months the InWorldz team has been working on a brand new script engine to help power the past, present, and future scripts running on our grid. We wanted to make sure we designed something that met all the needs we had set forth for an engine that would …

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