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InWorldz Phlox – Welcome center load test

Many times when you see benchmarks on opensim technology you get load tests with bots and no primitives on a region. At InWorldz that’s not really representative of our every day world, so when we want to load test a new branch of code we call upon the help of our residents who never fail to push our software to the limit

Tonight we tested Phlox on our 11k+ prim welcome center with everyone wearing AOs, their favorite tiny avatars, even a unicycle. The results were awesome. We were all able to move around, chat, dance and have an awful lot of fun for over 40 minutes while other avatars were coming and going. We got to 67 avatars having fun on our welcome center with much overhead available to have even more people stop by. It should also be noted that this is an unoptimized build for debugging.

Eventually we hit a network timeout calling into a grid service that took down the region. We’re taking a look at the stack trace and determining how to mitigate the problem.


Thousands of scripts running and the only lag we had on the region was when we had a couple avatars teleporting into the region, and on the client. This demonstrates the reason we took on this project and why it was so important. Being together is so important and we want to make sure everyone can gather with their friends and enjoy their world.  No clouds required.

Join us for our upcoming europhlox party. Check our forums for more information.


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  1. Mera Kranfel says:

    GOD I dont find the words!!! Amazing, brilliant is not enough!! <3<3<3

  2. Boudica Destiny says:

    What a fabulous success!! Looooook at *all those people*! Dancing, laughing, having a good time! I’m simply stunned. Well done!!

  3. Sunbeam Magic says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work (and the team) Tranq… enjoying our world together as a community is what makes INWORLDZ so awesome… its the dedicated and caring peeps! Had a blast at the test … no pun intended LOL

  4. Scarlett Qi says:

    What wonderful news! I can’t wait till Phlox is everywhere!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  5. Duderz Lebowski says:

    <<<< was stoked

  6. Airy Miles says:

    I didnt know this was planned…was it advertised somewhere? Glad to hear it went so well!!

  7. Snoots Dwagon says:

    I for one was very impressed. At the height we had 66 people online. While there was some lag, it wasn’t anywhere near what would be expected. I could easily walk around. I went from a full-clothed “biggie” avatar to my Dwagon tiny avatar in 20 seconds flat. That is just astounding. No other grid– not even SL– has ever come close to that kind of performance. APPLAUSE!!!

  8. Gia Capalini says:

    Applause and CONGRATS IW team! Very exciting news indeed. You need to be commended for the hard work you are doing to make IW such a great world for the community. BRAVA

  9. Kittydog Munro says:

    I was there and it was *~*Awesome*~* I had NO lag and went dancing around with several HUDs on as well as my AO. I took a pic of the area from the map showing 66 avatars…..UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Well done Tranq and all the IW team .

  10. Pari Perenti says:

    It was great being amongst all those people! that would be awesome to see at everyone’s sim, eh?

  11. ELQ says:

    This is so awesome! I would love to have been there but I was on the RL grid with some friends from InWorldz. We had a blast as well, and got a lot of neat new ideas for textures, builds, and scripts! Phlox Rox!

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