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Project Thoosa Phase 1 Enters Beta

Around the beginning of Q2 2013, we began working on an internal project we named “Thoosa”. The etymology of the word touches on the goals of the project:

In Greek mythology, Thoosa or Thoösa (Θόωσα, Thoōsa) was a sea nymph associated with swiftness

The project has one primary goal and that is to make scene objects and their associated operations faster, more efficient, and more reliable.  Getting Thoosa to Phase 1 has entailed massive and sweeping changes to the core simulator architecture to accommodate more efficient storage, representation, and transfer of simulator objects and linksets. As our primary mission is to continue to improve the core of our product, Thoosa is a necessary step towards achieving a more seamless, massively scalable, and persistent virtual world.

This project will be deployed in Phases, and we have just completed Phase 1 and consider the code mature enough to enter beta testing. Phase 1 includes enhancements and optimizations in the following:

  • Taking objects to inventory will be more efficient on the server side.
  • Rezzing large objects should be noticeably snappier.
  • Teleporting to a new region especially when wearing many scripted attachments will be noticeably quicker and attachment scripts will start up almost instantly once you reach the destination.
  • Many avatars teleporting into a region will generate much less server side lag and will cause less of an impact on scripts currently executing.
  • Vehicle crossings, especially physical vehicle crossings for complex objects have demonstrated greater than an order of magnitude improvement in the time it takes for the object to move between regions.

The last point was one of our main goals to achieve on Project Thoosa. We recognized a need for physical vehicles to have very good region crossing behavior for our upcoming release of LSL vehicle physics functions. Below you can view a video that demonstrates a 27 times increase in the speed of a physical vehicle crossing between two separate regions in different processes:

As you can see from the video despite using many different torus shapes and including a ton of different scripts, Thoosa Phase 1 has made tremendous progress in creating a more seamless region crossing experience. This will enable InWorldz users to develop best in class physical planes, cars, boats, and more without having to worry about region edges being perilous due to the complexity of their vehicles.

We hope you find that these changes help you with your personal and business projects. We look forward to providing you with continued innovation in the virtual worlds space.

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