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Moving to a 3 week release cycle

The past months have seen some massive work being completed on the InWorldz grid. During this time, InWorldz developers have tried their best to keep up with the high level of feature requests and bug reports.¬†Unfortunately our last major release had many regressions that didn’t get exposed in testing, and took InWorldz developers a couple of weeks to sort out. Due to these problems and the schedule slips they will undoubtedly cause, InWorldz will be moving to a new hard set release schedule.

From now on we will perform a development freeze every two weeks. This means that when we are considering features to add to InWorldz, no feature completed outside of this timeframe will be included in the upcoming release. We will also not fix long standing bugs during the development freeze. We will only concentrate on new regressions caused by previous fixes or features. New features and bug fixes from the two week development cycle will be tested on the beta grid in the beginning of the third week of the release cycle. After a few days of beta grid only testing, we will deploy this release to the sandboxes for final regression tests. This version will then go to the main grid during a roll out at the end of the third week.

During the development freeze, development may continue on other features or longstanding bug fixes, but these changes will not appear in the release branch until the testing phase of the next cycle. This will prevent us from trying to slip in just “one more requested feature/fix” before a rollout which can cause feature creep as well as unintended regressions.

Release Chart


Along with this new schedule we want to emphasize that it is extremely important for content developers to help us test during the third week of the schedule. We need your help on the beta grid as well as the sandboxes. Please do not wait for us to roll changes to the grid only to discover that they have caused problems with your content. We do our best to avoid content breakage whenever possible, but we’re all human and mistakes will be made.

You can sign up for the beta grid on your account page on the website. You can follow the instructions here to learn everything you need to know about participating in beta testing on the beta grid. When a release is deployed to the beta grid for testing, you will see release notes posted in the grid notices section of the InWorldz forum found here. You should keep an eye on this forum to know when a release is ready for testing.

We hope these changes will lead to less regressions making their way to the main grid as well as helping us stay on schedule. We thank you for your continued help in testing, for your patience, and look forward to many more grid improvements in the future.



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  1. Snoots Dwagon says:

    And yet we still not see llGiveDwagonCookies(lots);


    1. Butterpaw Bravin says:

      Here is cookies for da Dwagon (LOTS) ^_^

  2. Judy Dressler says:

    This looks like sound project management and development dicipline. It should accelerate more managable releases by smaller “struts” like blocks and losen the anxiety for waiting users and unneeded stress on devs.

    You request content providers ( us builders ) to participate more and I fully agree on this. If this had happened for vehicles on beta grid last year, we all know it would have avoided what we have seen pop up later for crap old SL scripts some wanted to work “out of the box” due to their lack of scripting knowledge.

    This said it means we become your ultimate test team and enter this 3 weeks cycle also. Then we need to know what you expect us to test and if it is in our own skills to achieve (test roles).

    As we will have have to drop time on our own build schedule and program ( including with partners) we must be able to identify where we can help at best.

    On beta grid, then in sandboxes.
    I exclude Snootie cookies jars. Those work fine.

    “ze banned mean girl”

  3. Fleure Homewood says:

    This is a good idea. Where are we now in this new cycle? Will also be good to know just what is being worked on each cycle.

  4. Allod tolwen says:

    Great news. I also applaud the earlier comment about having more sims in the beta grid.

    Will there be a way for beta testers to test sim and property ownership functionality?

    What would be helpful also would be small blurbs on a change by change basis which tell what is happening now, what the changes are, and what the expected result is. Perhaps even describing what unit tests should be made by volunteers…

  5. Bim Rasmuson says:

    I would love to see the calendar with links to the release notes so I can keep up with those fixes that directly affect our sims. :-)

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