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2014 progress report

Hello everyone Tranquillity here!

This year has seen some massive work completed on the InWorldz grid with a lot more to go. Since we are now into the second quarter of 2014 I’d like to list some of the things we’ve accomplished, some of the things we’re still working on, and some targets we’ve missed or that I am predicting we will miss. Towards the end of this post, I’ll also make announcements about other significant events in the pipe for 2014. [edited: I moved that announcement to its own post, you can read it here] You can see our original schedule here: InWorldz Roadmap for 2014¬†which will explain some of these projects in more detail.


The good stuff

Bot Support

First incase you missed it, we released a highly requested feature for role players. “Bot” or NPC support hit the grid with huge popularity, as well as a few problems along the way. The bot support is modeled after the AuroraSim bot API with significant enhancements to functionality for InWorldz. Many creators had fun testing and finding uses for the bots within their stores, RP environments, and just about everywhere else. Unfortunately the design was a bit too open and we had to pull the support to add some limits. But the good news is that InWorldz 0.8.14 is scheduled to hit the grid between Friday, April 18th and Saturday, April 19th and it reenables the support.

Release cycle change

We successfully switched to a 3 week grid release cycle. There have been a few bumps in the road, but it has significantly improved our releases and allowed us to better concentrate on just the features and changes that we know are ready for a roll out. Over time as the release process becomes more of second nature for the developers, we can already see the gains in productivity and quality will be apparent.

Project stratus hybrid asset system

InWorldz project Stratus hybrid asset system is active on the beta grid and is ready for roll out. We are waiting for an openstack feature to be deployed before we can proceed. The awesome folks at Rackspace were able to get a feature added for us to make lower latencies possible for our use case on their cloud. Once this feature is deployed, we will roll out Stratus which will make it easier for us to scale out while maintaining the performance you’ve become accustomed to on InWorldz.

Scenic region partner rezzing

The ability for someone to permanently rez objects on their partner’s scenic region has been deployed to the main grid

Region crossing and teleport enhancements

I have assigned myself to the region crossing changes and am currently in the middle of a complete rewrite of the legacy code that was handling connection management and neighbor region logic. The first set of these enhancements is due to hit the main grid on the next release on the 18th. This should lessen cases of “child agent update failed” during teleport as well as timeouts during region crossing handoffs. The next stage of the changes should hit the beta grid within 4 weeks and will help alleviate the vast majority of remaining teleport and crossing issues.


Delayed projects

Unfortunately, we’ve also missed our mark on a few projects. This is mainly due to changes in priorities and problems that came up while we were trying to complete our tasks.

InWorldz InShape open beta and release

This project is delayed until I finish up the teleport and crossing enhancements. I expect to resume work on this again in about 4 weeks.

Project Maestro deployment

We’re going to try to squeeze this in within the next few weeks.

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