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The InWorldz future initiative

Announcing the InWorldz virtual world future initiative

InWorldz is a tech company, and we are a company run by people with big hearts. We understand the empowerment that comes to many people when they can enter a virtual world and dance again when this has been stolen from them in their real lives. We want to help spread this technology in any way that we can so that more people can get their hands on it.

InWorldz is also a business. We are responsible for our employees, and we are responsible for maintaining a product that works to our customer’s satisfaction. We do our best to control the direction of the product and listen to customer feedback to provide a focused virtual world solution. We are the gatekeepers to what goes into and doesn’t go into InWorldz. We have to be agile.

As of March 2014, we currently handle more than twice as many 30 day active users than any other single opensim based grid, and greater than 10x more active users than the majority of opensim grids. Along with the monthly active users, InWorldz routinely sees peaks between 300 and 400 simultaneous users in-world.

These higher than average numbers have brought us knowledge and experience into the vast array of technical challenges that come with virtual worlds. We have utilized a combination of tried and true technologies along with new cutting edge software and distributed systems to make sure that InWorldz can handle the multi-pronged load that is inherent to virtual worlds, as well as make sure InWorldz is ready to scale out when we need it to.

For various reasons in 2009/2010, InWorldz forked OpenSim and brought development in-house. Therefore much of our work has had to stay private as many of our changes were massive and would not be easily ported back. We have on a few occasions hired security consultants to try to find holes in our protocols and in each instance where a bug was found, we asked these white hats to report the problems back to someone privately. We have also privately committed patches and bug reports to related projects like OMV, which provide the backbone data structures to SL based simulators.

While this kind of backchannel reporting and submission can help virtual worlds as a whole, we think we can do more. We want to see virtual worlds succeed and we want to be part of a massive push to get them there. With that in mind, this year we will begin to release and develop some standalone components under permissive open source licenses. The first of these components in development is something that many interactive businesses outside of virtual worlds can probably use, but that is being designed with virtual world use cases in mind. Given our experience combined with recent advances in distributed systems engineering, we believe we have a good perspective on the solutions to some problems that are begging to be solved.

Working together we can show the world how awesome virtual reality is, and in time, I hope to be able to share it with more friends and family than ever before.  

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