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InShape entered into Google Fit Developer Challenge!

As of tonight, InWorldz InShape has been updated and entered into the Google Fit developer challenge! This is an exciting opportunity that has the potential to get InWorldz and content developers some time in the spotlight! We hope the judges of this challenge will find InShape as innovative and fresh as many of you have.

You can find information about the challenge here:

One of the requirements for the challenge was to integrate the Google Fit APIs into the application so a bonus of this entry is that InShape for Android now supports heartrate measurements!

Using a Google Fit compatible heart rate tracker, HUDs and other devices can now display your heart rate while you’re working out and keep track of the data for use in exercise programs, fit games, and activities.

This data is exposed to developers through a new data format called tagged metrics in the InShape data stream. If you are a developer working with the InShape platform, you can see an example of extracting tagged metrics on our github page at

Speaking of content, an InWorldz resident has given me a copy of a rather unique InShape powered object.

InShape Mushroom

The InShape bouncing mushroom

With your phone in your pocket logged into InShape you hop your avatar onto the mushroom and jump up and down. The higher you jump in real life, the higher you bounce on the mushroom in InWorldz! I can see this simple type of interaction being refined into a great workout routine and something that would be fun to do with friends.

Keep your thinking caps on. It is great to see these ideas being developed! Feel free to drop me (Tranquillity Dexler) a line in-world if you’ve got some more examples of InShape powered content you think we should know about.

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