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InShape entered into Google Fit Developer Challenge!

InShape Mushroom

As of tonight, InWorldz InShape has been updated and entered into the Google Fit developer challenge! This is an exciting opportunity that has the potential to get InWorldz and content developers some time in the spotlight! We hope the judges of this challenge will find InShape as innovative and fresh as many of you have. You can …

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InWorldz Residents Celebrate Holidays with Toys for Tots Donation Drive

Residents give most ever to Toys for Tots in Annual Fundraiser San Antonio, TX: Last night wrapped up the annual Toys for Tots fundraiser on InWorldz, a 3D simulation platform that relies on User Generated Content. Events over the last 2 weeks for the fundraiser included a virtual Fashion Show, oYo Breedables Auction of horses, …

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The InWorldz future initiative

Announcing the InWorldz virtual world future initiative InWorldz is a tech company, and we are a company run by people with big hearts. We understand the empowerment that comes to many people when they can enter a virtual world and dance again when this has been stolen from them in their real lives. We want to …

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2014 progress report

Hello everyone Tranquillity here! This year has seen some massive work completed on the InWorldz grid with a lot more to go. Since we are now into the second quarter of 2014 I’d like to list some of the things we’ve accomplished, some of the things we’re still working on, and some targets we’ve missed …

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Moving to a 3 week release cycle

Release Chart

The past months have seen some massive work being completed on the InWorldz grid. During this time, InWorldz developers have tried their best to keep up with the high level of feature requests and bug reports. Unfortunately our last major release had many regressions that didn’t get exposed in testing, and took InWorldz developers a couple …

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InWorldz Roadmap for 2014

(This blog is soon to be converted from the InWorldz tech blog to the general InWorldz blog. As such, we’ve chosen to post this general grid news here) 2014 will bring some exciting changes to the InWorldz platform that will improve upon the performance, reliability and features of the virtual world that many of you …

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