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The InWorldz Technology Advantage


Over the course of the past 5 years, InWorldz has dedicated a tremendous amount of time to improving, innovating, and reinventing the virtual world platform. We have spent a ton of time on server side components from the asset storage system, to the script engine, physics, and physical vehicles. This year we’re going to begin putting the time into …

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Vehicles and Physical Objects in PhysX

Physics Resource Cost - other grid

PhysX is here, presently in the beta grid and by the end of November it will be in the main grid, starting in the sandbox regions, oceans, straits, and a few selected private regions. The first phase roll-out makes it possible to make most objects physical. Physical objects fall; they collide with other objects, roll …

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InWorldz PhysX physics goes beta

In April 2012, InWorldz began full time work on integrating the PhysX physics SDK into our virtual world platform. Over the course of the 4 – 5 months that followed, we have made tremendous progress and are finally ready to begin beta testing. We are scheduling the first limited beta for August 25th, 2012 at 12:00 …

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