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Teleport from the InShape dashboard


The InShape dashboard has been updated so that you can teleport directly from your phone on the InShape dashboard to one of the 14 InShape regions on InWorldz. To teleport, find the region teleport icon in the dashboard menu: This will bring you to a list of all currently available InShape regions: Finally, click on the …

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InWorldz InShape officially released!

Today we have made the InShape 3.0 builder’s kit available as the first non-beta release of InWorldz InShape! The InShape information pages have been updated to give visitors an updated view of how InShape works, and how to easily get user’s avatars on their televisions during a workout session. See the following link for more information: For sim owners, …

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Introducing the “I’d Rather Be #InWorldz” contest and campaign!

One of the most common things we hear from new residents is “What is there to do on InWorldz?”.  At InWorldz, we’ve been trying to not only answer this question with projects like the RP Hub and InShape, but also come up with ways to let people see into your world. We think that while …

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Help for posting to

Need help posting an entry to You’ve come to the right place! See the tutorials below to learn how to post images, youtube videos, and dreamshare models to Login and posting an image Posting a YouTube video Posting a dreamshare model


Introducing InWorldz CloudIDE / LSL

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 12.30.17 PM

We are happy to announce the general availability of the InWorldz Cloud IDE for LSL. This tool allows you to edit, save, and compile your LSL scripts via a web browser from anywhere! To create projects and save files into the cloud, you will need an InWorldz account. However, no login is required to edit …

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Phlox Compatibility

When designing Phlox grammar and semantics we wanted to offer the highest compatibility with the majority of scripts that are already in existence. Most of these scripts have their origin outside of InWorldz and follow strict typing rules. Somewhere along the line in OpenSim’s design, the LSL types were coded in such a way that …

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